How to Win the Lottery

However, just because gambling is illegal, doesn’t mean that the majority of Thais don’t gamble. In fact, statistics shows that about 90 percent of the Thais don’t gamble.

Thai language is very different than any other language in the world. Some say that when you are in a business situation in the city center, you can still manage to squeeze in a little spending money for gambling.

However, if you visit the jungle and explore some of the travellers jungle, you may find a lot of Thais with gambling on the brain.

For instance, every operator in the city center has got the licenses and permits to run a casino in Bangkok. So you can be assured that you will never be cheated on a legal gambling site! Never! However, the Thais themselves don’t approve of gambling very much. They hold a lot of anti gambling activities, and the activity of hosting and active gambling outside the fence ranks very high on that list.

However, there is one place where Thais can still gamble: the online casinos. There are of course, ways to cheat the online casino sites, if you play the game carelessly or if you just play for fun. But it is by no means impossible, and in fact, may be easy to do. The method is to work at the turf generating an estimated $8-million ( >=£5.5m) a year for the industry. The number of cards played is a lot lower than on the land casinos and the cards are dealt in higher volumes. Thus, the casinos make about $400,000 ( >= £300,000) for every million players.

So what does this mean for the users? Well, if you are lucky enough to be one of the lucky players and/or if you play long enough, you could stand to win a lot of money. For example, the top jackpot in February of 2011 was a hefty £90,000. Yes, you did read that right. A lucky player won the top prize in a Thaiexpo casino.

The deposits are matched to a maximum of $1,000. The odds of winning the match deposits are about 14 million to 1. Therefore, to win the first prize, the odds, the player would have to play for about 29 years, but only has to play once.

There are also other methods for Thais to play. Some casinos offer a list of almost all casinos around the country. Just type ‘Thai Mahjong’ or ‘Thai Casinos’ into any search engine, and you will find lists of almost all the pubs, clubs, hotels, boutiques and casinos where you can ‘hose’ (make a comparison) to play.

However, there are downsides to playing online. The world has made it so easy to access everything. Books are available from the library, internet browsers for mobile phones, and everything else usually provided by the government. This is a fine system, but a little frustrating if you are a non-euro person. Some people also find that they play better online as they are not under the surveillance of their cardinal authorities.

Probably the biggest downside to playing online is the addiction to the game. This is a real problem in general and not just in Asia. Anyone who is known to be a problem gambler can unfortunately join the addiction lottery. This is a reminder to everyone that we should always check the websites that we are signed up to and see if there are any banned or unlisted countries. Just type ‘online gambling’ into search and you will get a list all the countries where you need to keep safe and sound.

Only through constant exposure and a regular repetition of the same ideas and feelings can we really identify and refuse the imbalanced thinking habits. Playing the lottery should be done with a certain degree of caution and caution, as even the most sound and systematic strategy has no guarantee to win the lottery. If you feel that your chances of winning the lottery are less, just do not play, especially if the prize is very small. The really successful players are usually firm believers of their strategies and do not even play when they have slight doubts.


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